The modern iPhone now uses a scratch-resistant glass as its screen. But despite this, it is still common to find fine scratches on the phone. Many people think that scratches on their phones are caused by the friction between their phones and their keys. This is not completely true. It is neither the change nor the keys in the pocket that cause scratches on your iPhone, but the sand in your pocket. This means that even though you may be using Cute iPhone case, the sand in your pocket will always cause fine scratches. To prevent scratches on your iPhone, consider using both a screen protector and a case for your iPhone.

While most screen protectors use tampered glasses to protect the iPhone screen from scratches, coins, keys and other materials are not likely to scratch the screen. However, gritty sand, which floats around in the pocket, the desk or various places where the phone is placed, can leave simple scratches on the screen and the phone in general. Although it is essential to use a screen protector, it is worth noting that some iPhone cases such as the aluminum iPhone case, which can be bought through Phone case subscription, also prevent the phone from being scratched with sand and other materials. Another point to understand is that a screen protector is built to protect the screen. This means that other parts of the phone hardware will be completely unprotected. The only exception is whereby the screen protector covers both the front and the back of the phone. But in order to protect the phone as a whole, you should consider purchasing a Girl iPhone case. Mobile phone cases are cheap and most of them protect the phone from damage and breaking. Some phone cases are also water resistant. Protecting the iPhone from damage can be done in many ways. But it is best to look for the most effective method.