kodi box are becoming quite popular for playing games and streaming media into houses. They may be capable of considerably more, while they can be primarily used as amusement units. Here we list a few of our favorite tips and techniques to help in keeping your box running fast, and a few attributes that can came in handy.

1... Close All Background Apps Having programs running in the background use up unneeded memory causing slow downs which may be freed up for better use. Android TV does a good job at memory management, but occasionally right do not close, or have an error and keep running in the background. Some programs can still be running in the background even after powering a unit down. It is simple enough to close out of background programs with regards to the control used. If it does not work for you read the keyboard method next closing Background Programs using a Remote Control Some box does not work with this method. Using a remote control that is conventional look for the symbol with three lines. When the button is pressed all the background programs will pop up in minimized box. Utilizing the arrow keys go to the program you wish to close and click the right arrow key. Clicking the Correct arrow key will close the program, do this for each one you would like to close. Closing Background Programs with a Keyboard An alternative way is to work with a keyboard. All of the units I've examined have been worked on by this approach. It might be any keyboard in the miniature ones that are small to USB computer keyboards that are big. Press the ALT key and stay it pressed.