Why Amazon can suspend your account? This is not something to worry about since it may happen to anyone because of customers, or some non-buyer complaints.

So, why does Amazon suspends the account? Here are some of the reasons: 1. Low rating given to the customer on following parameter quality of the good delivered is not good; delivery time was much more than shown while placing the order, a query resolving ability of the seller, etc. this is an important criterion for Amazon appeal for your account suspension. 2. Every online site has a selling policy which they issue it to their seller. One should follow it properly. They should check the good they are selling should be aligned with the policy. How to ensure your account never get suspended? 1. Read the policy letter given by Amazon during Amazon category approval. Do not sell the product which does not match with the category approval list. Prepare your product according to the specification you have mentioned to the Amazon. 2. Be polite while answer the potential buyers. There rating matters a lot. They may be asking a silly question but try to be as polite as possible. Do not lose your temper. 3. Every seller has a way for selling his/her goods. This is called selling procedure. Every seller should evaluate the selling procedure regularly and try to align it with the selling policy of the Amazon. If you are facing any problem while correcting the selling procedure, keep Amazon updated for that time period, so that they can understand your problem and will not suspend your account. 4. If your account is still suspended, evaluate the reason, correct it and then again apply to the Amazon for re-instate your account. Your only aim should be to avoid Amazon suspension at any cost and deal with all the details in a specific manner, for availing best results!