The most accidents that happen all over the world are due to the mistakes of the people driving. Many sleep during the ride while others cannot control their high speed vehicle. The accidents are researched upon and all measures are taken to prevent any fatalities during an accident. But, if you are on the bike there is very little that a manufacturer can provide you with for your safety. The reasons are many such as the bike is open from all the sides making the fall sudden and direct; the bike is not balanced in itself and any minor mistake can cause serious accident; the biker just has the handle to keep them in place and the weight of the bike is also a concern because if the bike falls on your legs or on your complete body there are high chances of fatal injuries.

Do your bit Though you cannot do much about the safety measures that a bike may provide to you but there are things like wearing the right outfit that can help you minimize the injury in case of a fall or accident due to collision. If you are wearing your helmet, gloves, and motorcycle jackets you will escape a lot many impending injuries. Cool jackets can add to your safety The leather jacket is the most preferable on the bike as it gives you the cool look and layers you up for protecting you from injuries. However, you must not wear such jackets on bare skin as it may cause irritation and rashes. To avoid such a thing it is better to team it up with a cool looking biker shirt. There are so many bright and cool shirts available in the market. You can also choose to wear shirts with message on them for adding grace to your bike ride.