It is very difficult to spend time when you are getting board or getting nervous due to any reason. In that situation, you want to do something so that your anxiety remains in control. Fidget refer to uneasiness or restlessness found when you are in that situation, where you move your hand and feet in a randomly.

For example, you shake your pen unintentionally if you are holding one or scroll the mouse rapidly if you are in front of a computer but not getting what you exactly want or cut your finger nail by teeth etc. This is because you want to keep your mind busy in a different way. Now for them a fidget toys is available in market. Fidget cube a solution for fidgeting habits: Now for them a compact and very finely designed desk top toy is available in the online and offline market. It is called fidget cube or fidget toy. It is help in keeping your attention and focus stable when you are felling nervous or when an anxiety rise inside you. It is so small that you can use it everywhere at work, in class, during travel, even during a presentation .it is very help full for corporate worker those who have to present a report every day under lot of pressure. It is a simple cube with six different sides. All side has unique designs, which help you to fidget. It is designed for all ages and all categories of people. Why someone buy fidget cube: • Its six sides have different fidget actions. • It is compact and well designed. • Requires a very little space. • Very much handy and Easy to use. • Available in eye catching color combinations. It is like a small single cube for multi fidget solution. If you are really interested then you can buy a fidget cube online.