The Walking Dead is television series that is based on a book that gave the TV series its name. It is an American TV series, which draws its story background from the book series of Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman, and Charlie Allard. The lead actor is Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes woke from the state of coma to discover his world has now been ruled by zombies. Zombies are dead bodies that have been made alive by magic. They are half dead creatures and sometimes known as walkers. Grimes had to lead a group of survivors after reuniting with his family to fight the walkers.

Grimes and survivors must live and cope with zombies after their unveiling into their world. Most of the Walking Dead Season has Atlanta and surroundings as their movie location. Atlanta and immediate surroundings were used for shooting of most scenes in the series. Grimes and family with the remaining survivors must escape the grip of zombies that kills human without sympathy. Grimes was the deputy to the sheriff of the town before the invading of the walkers. He woke up from a coma to see inhabitants of the town either killed or have been turned into a zombie. The duty of the survivors was that of dealing with zombies and also fighting against opposing groups that want to capture them. He would do anything to find his family and look for a way of eliminating these brutal creatures. The TV series has continued to gain popularity as it has the large fan basethat discusses the series and analyzes How Many Seasons of Walking Dead has been released and the number which they have seen individually. People gather in different forums to look into this popular TV series at different times causing people who have not watched it go online and watch it.