It has been observed that a lot of people ask this kind of questions a lot. You might be wondering why someone should start asking this question now. Well, the reason is not far-fetched in that it is glaring to everyone that Doctor Who is not just a series that will just entertain you alone but it will also pass on some very vital lessons of life. This lessons if followed can help you avert so many ugly situations in life. It is because of the increasing testimonies of people who have watched the series that other people are beginning to see a need to watch it too.

Now to the question of if one can watch past episodes. Yes, one can watch past episodes. All you have to do is to find a shop where you can easily buy Doctor Who DVD. In the past, searching for a shop like this can be very difficult. But, this is not the case today. You can easily search for a shop on the internet. All you will have to do is to enter the search term in search engines and you will see a list of shops where it is sold. You can even go ahead and place an order online so that it will be delivered to your doorstep. It is advisable to order from a shop that is closest to you so that the shipping will not take time at all. Now that you know that you can order DVDs of past Doctor Who series so as not to miss out at all in all the things you are to learn from the series, there is a need to make you understand something. Over the years, the series has undergone some modifications, which have changed the message it is centered on. When it was first produced, it was to be a series for educating children about history and science. But, it is more than that today and that is why even adults watch it. The series has been renewed in 2005 and that was when Doctor Who 2005 came on board. You can decide to start watching from this very one up till date.