If you have been at a courthouse before, you will notice that there are many scanners installed at various checkpoints. The walkthrough metal detectors and baggage scanners are very common. These machines use X-rays to offer accurate and fast screening solutions. One good example of an X-ray system you will find at a courthouse is the astrophysics xis 6545 X-ray system. This X-ray system is used at courthouses because it offers an effective method of scanning packages that come into a courthouse. When compared to different security systems that can be installed at courthouse checkpoints, the Astrophysics XIS 6545 X-ray scanner is the most efficient.

In addition, this system offers cost effective and versatile security options at courthouses. The astrophysics xis 6545 X-ray system for baggage scanning is fast. When people with small parcels pass through the system, it can reduce the time it takes for them to enter the courthouse. The system has a higher throughput and the advantage with this factor is that it can help to limit bottlenecks at the entrance of a courthouse. Unlike the metal detectors, this X-ray scanner is a thorough tool for inspecting both metals and liquids concealed in a baggage. One thing about metal detectors is that they only alert security personnel to the presence of a metallic object. On the other hand, the astrophysics xis 6545 X-ray system can detect different items including inorganic threats like presence of explosives. It is very important to note that this X-ray system can only be effective depending on how it is calibrated. Basically, the system must be well calibrated in order to have a low fall rate unlike a metal detector thereby resulting in a few missed threats. In addition to offering effective security at a courthouse, this system is also cost effective. The initial cost of the machine is higher when compared to metal detectors and physical screening, but cheaper to implement in the long run.