beard wax is a best grooming aid helping you to protect your unmanageable beard. Like beard oil helps in keeping fly away but also it is great to do styling. The wax is similar to a hairspray but it is better for beard and environment. Wax is used widely in bear competition for helping to sculpt and hold beard in one place. They come in different scents but little more subtle they are than beard oil. The ingredients used in making wax are beeswax, shea nut butter, coconut oil and scented oil.

Wax is good because it give your beard perfect look and make stronger by protecting it from weather elements like wind and rain. The conditioner in it keeps facial hair soft, healthy and shiny. It means do not get irritated while dealing with hair getting to your mouth and instead keep hair more controlled. Beard wax is available in different varieties in the market. You can choose from an organic one to vegan. Another thing you should look for is the label that it holds strength light or medium or strong. It depends on how your beard and moustache is. The facial hair texture and style you want to go for like you want a simple groomed look or want to twirl tips of mustache by keeping it up. How to use • Expose the wax to heat or hold above the boiling water for some time • Run some hot water on its tin closed or you can use hair dryer to loosen it little bit but do not let it become fully liquid • By using your finger take some wax • Rub between your thumb and finger until it is warm • Then apply the wax to your moustache from center to outwards