Frustrated with hair loss? Check out the various effective methods by Ahmed to prevent hair loss. Hair fall is the common problem for both men and women. This happens due to hormonal imbalances, genetic problems, and medical ailments. There are various home remedies that can prevent the loss. These remedies are easy and do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Natural andeffective methods by Ahmed Here are some of the ideas that are best suited to prevent the hair loss. • Onions and Garlic Onions and Garlic are the cheapest remedies you can try your hands on. They have antibacterial properties and have high sulfur content that encourages blood flow to the scalp. You just have to extract the onion juice and rub on your hair or massage with garlic infused oil.Keep it for a half hour and rinse. Repeat this procedure to get improved results. • Aloe Vera Aloe Vera minimizes scalp problems like itching and flaking. The alkaline property of this plant prevents dandruff and hair fall. Apply aloe vera pulp on your scalp and rinse it off after 45 minutes. Repeat the procedure four times a week for an effective result. • Egg white Rich in vitamins and proteins, egg white nourishes your hair. It controls dryness of your scalp. You have to apply the egg whites on your scalp and rinse it after an hour. • Apple cider vinegar It is one of the most effective methods by Ahmed. Gently massage your hair with this vinegar for 5 minutes and then rinse it. You will get beautiful and glowing traces. • Spinach and lettuce juice These green veggies are rich in biotin and iron. Make a smoothie or eat them half-cooked, these veggies are significant in hair growth. • Potato juice Potatoes are rich in vitamins, phosphorus, and minerals. Extract the juice of one potato and apply to your scalp. Rinse it after half an hour to get luscious black and smooth hair. Conclusion Your hair is a part of your personality that defines your mind and your personality. Following the effective methods by Ahmed will help you regain the growth and texture of your hair. click here to get more information