Origin and history of kopi luwak In Indonesia, coffee is referred to as “kopi” and “civet” is an animal in Sumatra locally known by this name and may also be associated to the typical pungent scent that animals produce. Famous as civet coffee, “kopi luwak” is coffee cherries eaten, partially digested and defecated by the Asian palm civet. Kopi luwak has good nexus with the coffee production history in Indonesia.

Idiosyncratic kopi luwak In Indonesia, kopi luwak is the moderately rare form of coffee processing and is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, despite its price reduction to some extent in some countries owing to its widespread production. Digestive mechanisms in civets improve flavor of the coffee beans. Fermentation of fleshy pulp of the cherries eaten by the civets by protease enzymes in the digestive tract of the animal may improve flavor of the beans when collected with its fecal matter. Why kopi luwak a healthy choice? Processing of luwak reduces acidity and flavor to a great extent adding good level to the body and thus, diminishing adverse effects of coffee. However, kopi luwak is claimed to be a bad coffee by a few critics without good taste, just purchased for novelty due to its rarity. Still, many coffee lovers all across the globe buy kopi luwak and low acidity might be one of the reasons that can be assigned to its popularity. Where can you buy kopi luwak? Knowing about the characteristics of this coffee, you will surely ask, “where can I buy kopi luwak”. Of course, anybody would be interested to taste it at least once. You can (purchase kopi luwak) purchase coffee luwak online. Search for assorted blends at luwakcoffees.com and you will find the selection from the range - WoCa Kopi Luwak Coffee, Mandailing Estate Pure Kopi Luwak, JJ Royal 100% Pure Kopi Luwak Coffee, and many other blends of Butterfly Globe Brand.