le palmashow (The palmashow) is a mix of funny people like Davis Marsais and Gregoire Ludig, these two have been said to have met in the college on a bench, from college, they began the writing of skits. They both formed the name “palma show” in 2002. From then, they began the writing of scripts for stage, and by 2003, they performed their very first show.

After the sow, they went ahead to take part in student festivals, the 17th and 18th one at Paris. In this performance, they won an award for the best actor audience and jury. The same year 2003, they went ahead to animate their own show online on the radio (Yvelines), after that they made some sketches for some other radio stations like the Fun Radio. It might be surprising how these two have come a long way in the entertainment industry. It was all due to relentless efforts put in by them. By 2006, they went ahead to present their show Trucs, after this, they started writing for cult films, some of which are Indiana /jones, Batman and Lord of the Ring. Today, these videos are still seen by many people online, millions of people. They went ahead in 2008, to produce with Jonathan Barre, their director. By 2010, they produced and launched their TV show, which was the first. By 2011, in the month of September, these two joined up with their director in producing another concept or series called very bad jokes (very bad blagues). On Dailymotion, the “very bad joke (very bad blagues)” now have more than a hundred million viewers, with two seasons currently and two hundred sketches or more. From there, many people and producers started inviting them to come and feature in their movie. An example is the Foresti Party by Florence Foresti.