For all those of you who have an interest in the boruto anime and manga series, this boruto episodes update is an effective solution to get caught up fast. Many people do not enjoy go back and watch the episodes all that they've missed. Many people need to understand what is going on in the manga which hasn't yet happened in the anime. Well people, here is your boruto update in one simple and fast read. The principal character of the Naruto manga and anime series, Naruto Uzumaki, starts out as an attention starved brat with abilities that are little. He isn't well liked by most of the people in his village due to having a Kyubi, a nine tailed demon fox, interior of him that ruined the village and killed many of the villagers and ninjas a long time past. It takes Naruto some time make friends and to develop relationships. Naruto graduates the ninja academy and is placed into a team with a sensei and two other ninjas, called Team 7. Naruto grows through many assignments along with his team mates. But when he goes to graduate to from Genin a ninja degree that is higher, to Chunin, his progress is hampered by unforeseen occasions. Next point, team mate and his companion leaves through the village to become a ninja that is more powerful. Naruto goes after him, they fight, and Naruto looses. There's a time leap in the show while Naruto goes to train with Jaraiya, a ninja that is considerably more powerful. After his training, Naruto quickly leaves, combined with the remainder of his comrades, to go hunt for Sasuke, Naruto's best friend who left through the village to become more powerful. In this period, his comrades and Naruto confront a robust number of ninja that are after the Kyubi interior of Naruto, the Akatsuki.