Your business loan is approved. Congratulations! It's one of the very interesting phone calls you'll be able to receive as a business owner. It means that the business has received the funding which you've wanted for expanding your existing business or starting your business. Clearly, a party is in order! Yet, before proposing a pledge and popping open that bottle of champagne, recall several rules that are essential before picking up your bill and signing on the dotted line. - Totally comprehend the things that they mean before you sign and accept the loan when your business loan is approved, and review all loan files. Request the lender to describe when your small business loan is approved, should you not understand something on the loan files. Ask for additional explanation in case you are feeling the explanation wasn't clear, or request you get a replica of the paperwork to take along with you so that you read can review, and research. For those who have questions, consult your lawyer or accountant. - when your business loan is approved, Return all necessary files to the financial institution on time. When your business loan is approved, there is going to be several files and paperwork that is necessary before it is possible to close on the loan the financial institution will want. Thoughts and your suggestion were clearly notable enough to them to the lender for them to let you know that the business loan is approved. Keep up that good impression the lender has of you by quickly responding to requests for information, additional records, and credit references. Your money is in your account as well as once your small business loans is approved, you are your time plus review your business' scenario with care.