The men on top of the organizational structure of the jogo do bicho were known as managers of the game. They were the chief financier of the game and they perform the responsibility of seeing to the settlement of employees of the game. So many people have been employed to carry out sales of tickets for the game. The government has generated a huge amount of money from taxes associated with the game and revenues that come to them. The game has continued to thrive as people can enter into it as a market and monetize the game for private profiteering. The result has seen in deu no poste has been widely circulated and has interested more people.

People have been encouraged in the game by developing strong trust in the system as they have also been compensated with incentives for people that play the game after palpites do jogo do bicho (jogo do bichopredictions).By this, the game lifespan has always been increased as more and more people are helped to benefit from it. The trust keeps developing, as little wins in the game are capable of multiplying one's input more than ten times. Players are aware of the different prices to be won depending on the jogo do bicho result (resultado do jogo do bicho). Because of the fixed multiplier factor that is known to all, players are not careful to play the game and doubt their possibility of being paid that amount when they win a bet. Bookmakers play their role in encouraging people to play more and proving useful information to people who wants to learn How to Play the jogo do bicho (como jogar no bicho). Some of these strategies are what has kept the game standing strong and still covering grounds all over the country of Brazil since the inception, which started very small in a zoo.