There are two important things you should always avoid when playing GTA 5 online. The first one is to use all your money on unnecessary items and the second is to steal a car and forget to repaint it. When playing GTA 5, you will use your earnings to buy different items that will enhance your gaming experience. It is therefore important that any amount of money you have should be spent wisely to avoid blowing off your money. You will not get a GTA 5 cheat for earning more money when playing the game with others online, and the little you have should be used to buy items you need first.

To succeed when playing GTA 5 online, make sure that you save as much money as possible. You should not waste your money buying expensive clothes and outrageous cars. This can be a huge risk given the fact that many items in the game can easily be stolen by other players. Since it is possible to steal items in GTA 5 and use gta 5 cheats to help you in the process, do not steal a car and forget to repaint it. Some players in this game usually steal vehicles with the intention of keeping the vehicles. If this is your choice, therefore, consider changing the paint color.

The police in gta 5 modded are very smart and are always in a position of detecting a crook even when they are a mile away. Understand that police chases will always occur. In addition, some missions necessitate that you repaint a car at any of the available shops. This means that before getting to those shops, avoid the police at all costs. Do not roam the streets with a stolen car since the fee for repainting a car is very small. Therefore, keep yourself off the police radar if you want to survive.