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The best features that are grabbing the attention of gaming fanatics to play this action racing game include Supercar: Car is the cynosure of this game. You need to do everything with the help of this game. As the name of the game suggest, it is the racing game that lets the players get the feel of racing in the real racing field. There are different car classes available in this game. There include Race, Drift, off-road, drag and runner. These car classes can change the game and make you win the race and challenges you come across. Enjoy the action fantasy: There are three different characters in the need for speed payback im preisvergeleich game. You can play as any of these three characters namely, Tyler, Mac and Jess who work as a team with the main mission to take revenge and fight against all the odds. These people participate in the race to conquer the house. As part of racing, you would drive on and off roads, mountains, desserts and other adventurous places. High competition for stakes: If you win the race, you would get a whopping reward. There would be high intensity cop chases which make you experience the real-time chase. You can play this game along with the other players to have a fierce competition between you all.