The accelerometer which is part of Accelerometry helps in the measurement of pattern and amount of the physical activity it performs by means of increasing the research associates as well as other professional. There are other sensors like the Maastricht which helps in the measurement of the posture and the activity by using the clinical accuracy.

The various activities involved in clinical techniques in Accelerometry The physical activity is monitored by means of the clinical methodology. The measurement of the activities is an important aspect of the healthcare professionals. An example of themedical grade is measured by means of the parameters. Various kind physical activities, as well as their intensity, are measured. Difference between the standing and the dynamic behavior It further helps in distinguishing the dynamic behavior with the standing behavior. There are other applications as well that include the measurement of the physical activities like physical activity monitor which are related to the research purpose. It further helps to monitor the physical activities and various kinds of therapies. Monitoring the surgery as well as physical activities It further helps in monitoring the physical activities with regard to the surgeries. The instrument further helps in the analysis of gait. It also helps in the detection of the risk, and it also helps in activities which are related to risk. Analysis of the data collected and its visualization in research arena The data which is collected is then analyzed, and it helps in the good analysis as well as data visualization. The physical activity is monitored by means of various health applications. It is an essential parameter which helps to treat various diseases and further help in reducing the burden of the disease. In certain cases a wireless accelerometer which helps in validating the activities of daily life by Accelerometry.