If you have just purchased an electronic cigarette to vape , you need to know how to use the electronic cigarette. The first step of using the e-cigarette is to basically unpack the flavor cartridge and then remove rubber caps. Some e-cigarettes may not have rubber caps since this varies by the type of packaging used. After unpacking, the second step is to securely screw the cartridge onto the provided electronic battery. Immediately you fix the cartridge onto the battery, you will subject the device in stand-by mode. The batteries on some electronic cigarettes are automatic. This means that the moment you start drawing air from the electronic cigarette, this will trigger the atomization process.

When the atomization process starts, the light indicator located at the top of the electronic cigarette will light up. If you cease puffing for a while, the atomization process will also stop and the electronic cigarette will go back to the stand-by mode. If the battery on the e-cigarette is a manual battery, you will have to press and hold all buttons on the battery in order to begin the atomization process. Once you release the buttons, the electronic cigarette will go back to stand-by mode. It is highly recommended that when using an electronic cigarette, always hold the device horizontally. Holding the e-cigarette horizontally will prevent upward tilting of the tip. This will also prevent the liquid in the cartridge from escaping out. If you notice that the indicator at the top of the electronic cigarette is starting to ash continuously, this will reduce the amount of vapor being produced. This usually happens when the battery is low and needs to be recharged. It is worth mentioning that vaping and smoking are not the same. After taking 20 deep puffs, which is similar to smoking a traditional cigarette, you should stop using the e-cigarette for a period of 30-60 minutes before starting the next round.