Page Views Where Technology web sites proudly proclaim the substantial quantum of visitor traffic, you've got likely seen this phrase in online marketing leaflets they've experienced on their websites. A Page View refers to the total perspectives of each page in your web site. An Original Page View is a page view with a distinctive individual in a twenty four hour span. Unique page views are visitor particular where view counts are site specific. Both offer invaluable insights into your website positioning and convey significant information about visitor behaviour patterns. Hits The reason there's some confusion relating to this term is as it emanates from server technology rather than from science and the art of web analytics and visitor tracking. A Hit simply refers to the amount of information requests received with a server that is hosting. How many items on a page determines how many hits. As an example, in case your home page has twenty one items, your site hosting server will record the webpage access as twentyone hits. A word to the wise... It is better to make use of this stat carefully for what it is worth and not to be misled by hit counts that are inflated when executing your online marketing strategy. Referrer or Visitor Source A Sending or Referrer Link also called the Visitor Source is a page which links to your web site. It is potential to correctly identify the pages from wherever your site visitors are arriving by considering your referrers. Visitors normally arrive from one of these three sources: O From a different web site that's linked to your site and your site o A search engine results page o Directly from a browser start Referral data is a gold mine of information since it certainly nails the search engines which can be sending you the traffic as well as the key words or key phrases used by searchers to reach your web site. It's possible for you to take advantage of this data to run purposeful and more targeted key word evaluation, refine existing key words and submit your site to web directories and search engines like google where you aren't recorded. This Technology data can be utilized to help optimize the information of your web pages for improved internet search engine positions (SERs).