In a server, we need three components for full functioning of a server. These components include the operating system, application and supervision by Admin. These three components are critical in a server. Every server has different costing models. Like for an FTP server cost of a hardware is around $2500, software is around $500 and FTP server setup time required is one day. Will see the costing model of these components of servers below

Cost of Server hardware- Servers are costlier than desktop counterparts. If you are just starting your business then it's best to go for a cheap managed dedicated server. Its fully managed, has low cost and your needs are covered with just 8GB RAM, 500GB SATA and the price is as low as $39. If you want to go for high cost servers for applications like video storage and file sharing etc. then you need to have processors with maximum number of cores like 16 GB of RAM.

Cost of operating system and application server- When we buy the server, operating system need to bought separately in some of the cases. While for certain servers they come up bundled together with the server. While choosing the server operating system for high end servers you might consider Windows Server 2008 R2. Their pricing is somewhere around $1000 for up to 5 users. And if you want to for a cheap managed dedicated server, the available options are Microsoft small business server and Mac OS X server which is around $499 with unlimited client licence. There are also a variety of linux servers which range from $1000. Server Admin cost- Hardware and software purchase are not the major costing involved for a server. Administering the server include ongoing support fees, workforce cost for day-to-day administration, replacing hardware, software update fee etc.