Looking for advices on how to deal with the collection agency like Portfolio recovery lawsuit. They are considered largest debt buyers and file various lawsuits against consumers every year. Here are some tips to deal with them:

Never ignore it A portfolio recovery hopes you ignore the lawsuit so that they can coast in the court and get default judgment. If you receive summons, you get only 20 days for responding back and avoid default judgment against you. By responding back you are giving yourself a chance to settle down in case or may be winning it. But you are not given concession if you are not going to respond on time and ending up in judgment. Moreover, you can get wage or bank account garnishment. Therefore, it is important to respond back to your lawsuit. There are several strategies of course that can help in defense so it is better to evaluate your case with any licensed attorney. Find out are you dealing with them outside the counselor in house Sometimes portfolio recovery associates may use an outside law company to bring the lawsuit in same region court. And they can use own house attorney for bringing in lawsuits. Such distinction is important depending on who is handling this case. There are different strategies you can consider which depends on which attorney is involved.

Statute of Limitation It means the period of time debt buyer has got to file a case against you. If they fail to sue you in the limited time period, in such case they lose their right for suing you forever. In occasion the debit buyers can file case after expiry of statute of limitation. It happens in the gray area of law sometime.