You may find many apps for free in the mobile app store. Every one of us prefers to install the free apps from the app store and can use its service for free. But there are many apps on the mobile app store that you can install by paying some amount of money, and then they will provide their services to us, these apps are popularly known as pay to play apps These apps are less recommended, but they provide the best service in their category.

These apps may cost you in advance, but then they could provide their services to you in free. The motives of these apps are not to gain popularity but to provide the best service in all the forms. These apps have more life than the free apps, as in every fixed time interval the free apps need an update from the same app store. But in the paid apps this problem does not exist. In the same way, the free apps had May ads which get displayed, when we use that app. But the paid are all free from these types of ads.

These apps are more advanced than the free apps. This is so because the users need to get the more advanced app and also the expectations of users are more in these apps when they are paying for that app. So this way the app is always more upgraded and advanced than the free apps. So, only you can judge that free app is good for you or the paid ones. Actually many times it depends on the use of the app. If you are using that app professionally, then you could afford the app, and the app would support your professional work through its benefits like advanced version of the app, no promotional app, and maximize the use. This way these paid apps work for the better service to the users and provide the better option than the free apps. So prefer pay to play apps for your professional work.