Everyone around the world is aware of the game subway surf. It has become popular due to its interesting features and a good display. Where most of the people use this game to pass time many people are into it seriously. The concept of the game is that you have to make a boy run through various obstacles in order to earn coins. In order to make you earn the coin easily, there are many subway surf hack available.

These hacks let you access the game faster and let you earn more and more of bonus points. You could buy various things by applying these cheat codes. Some of the things that you could avail are as follows: • Jetpack- jump- it is a jet pack that enables you to jump really high. You can get the advantage of the jetpack for as long as you want by using the subway surf hack. • Running back and forward- this character allows you to run backwards. This feature is otherwise not accessible in the game. • A number of keys- key enables a user to continue playing the game from the same spot where he lost. By using the hacks, you can get as many keys you want and never lose the game. • Lucky death- this is a feature that lets you save your life if you bump into an obstacle. You will just stand without moving until you reach to the next lane. • The time travel feature- by using cheat codes you can remove the limited time character in the game. That means you can complete the level in as much time you want. • Earn more coin- the prime benefit of using subway surf hack is that you can get unlimited coins and purchase many things

The subway surf hack makes it easier to play the game and makes it more interesting as you don’t lose your heart if you don’t win.